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Healing_image.jpg     On health matters Mr. Hodson generally recommended people should visit a qualified medical practitioner prior to consulting him, so that a conventional diagnosis could first be made and obvious physical and physiological symptoms treated by conventional and satisfactory scientific methods. However, sometimes the problems put to him were clearly not medical, but spiritual, in which case he would conduct an investigation without prior medical consultation. At various times in his life he had worked extensively in collaboration with members of the medical profession whose skills he respected. At one time in his career, in England, a team of medical doctors co-operated with him for about a year in order to research the hidden origins of disease. The amount of research information that came out of that was quite large and some of it was embodied in a book edited by Dr. H. Tudor-Edmunds entitled, Some Unrecognized Factors in Medicine (1949). He also wrote two other books which contain interesting information: An Occult View of Health & Disease and Health & The Spiritual Life. There is also much useful information locked up in his journal articles on health, disease, and healing. These can be read in John and Elizabeth Sell's compendium Sharing the Light containing a section of 91 pages (Vol. I  pp.800-891).

  During his lifetime it was not unusual for Mr. Hodson to get referrals from sympathetic doctors who were sufficiently broad in their outlook or valued his insights. They referred some of their more difficult cases to him for clairvoyant diagnosis. From the patient’s point of view the procedure was entirely advantageous since it involved no invasive procedures and Mr. Hodson refused to accept any form of payment for his services.                    

          It might be pointed out that although Mr. Hodson's penetration into the difficulty was always considerable, he only revealed to the patients what they needed to know in order to help them, although he was far more forthcoming in giving his insights to the doctor that referred the cases to him. There were good reasons for this privacy, sometimes the pain of knowledge was more than the patient could bear, but also it was for his (Mr. Hodson’s) own protection - as a seer living in the world he had to be careful that his cover was not revealed beyond a certain level and that he did not receive unwanted publicity thereby.

          In terms of actual healing offered - various options were open to him depending on the problem at hand which might include advice on lifestyle changes including attendance at church healing services, exorcism both of human and elemental entities, the direct invocation of angelic assistance and in the most difficult cases the invoking of the direct aid of a Master of the Wisdom. At various other times he has given his opinions in relation to treatments involving nuclear radiation (medically applied for some types of cancer even before this became a standard treatment), homeopathy, acupuncture, colour and magnetic therapies and recharging the energy field with life force (prana) by breath, living foods and sunlight. Was he then able to heal people? Sometimes he was, particularly in those cases where the karmic energies had mostly been neutralised by the person’s own corresponding good actions or perhaps by years of suffering or limitation. In such cases Mr. Hodson just needed to make some minor spiritual adjustments such for example as the application of elemental essence to patch a leaking aura. In other cases he would supply recommendations for other alternative treatments. Sometimes the patient recovered either immediately or shortly after their visit to him. However, in certain cases the adverse karma of the person was more serious, and due to inactivity or inability to redress the issues; the karma had become “ripe”, and consequently there was little anyone could do to effect a cure apart from a miracle and as Mr. Hodson reflected:


Even miracles occur under the law of cause and effect (karma)”.


    Some cases unfortunately thus had a negative prognosis and one such example is supplied below. This is one of several hundred superphysical investigations that Mr. Hodson conducted during his lifetime:

“Case A Cerebral tumour. Female, aged 21. Medical Report.

  This case appeared to have a perfectly sound constitution with no disease, except that there were short periods of weakness which occurred at about thirteen.

  Suddenly, in September, 1924, strange visual phenomena began; objects were seen in duplicate or divided into two, as if on different planes. This lasted for a few weeks; then general weakness set in, sight diminished and finally disappeared from the left eye. The right eye followed suit after a few months. The ability to balance was also affected, until the patient could not stand.

  The doctors diagnosed tumour of the brain, and tried to extirpate the tumour, but unsuccessfully, owing to severe haemorrhage.

  Four months later a slight stroke of apoplexy occurred, from which the patient recovered with great difficulty. She has now found the use of her legs again, but sees no more, hears little, and cannot walk without leaning; nevertheless, she is up every day, though she lies down most of the time.

  At all times the intelligence has been most lucid and the memory perfect. She seems to have made a slight improvement; her faith in recovery is now assured, but there is no change in her blindness.


Clairvoyant Diagnosis.

     There is a tumour the size of the terminal phalanx of the little finger in the position of the Optic Chiasma. It is composed of practically solid tissue, at the centre of which is a small body of an irritant nature. The direction of its growth is upwards; in shape it is like a broad bean with the convex surface downwards, and the centre source of irritation is at the “hilum” of the bean, occupying a space about 1/16th of an inch in diameter; there is some congealed blood at the base of the tumour surrounding this. The tumour does not look malignant, inflammatory, or unhealthy; but is increasing in size, and is caused by an impurity in the blood-stream which first set up the primary irritation. The only hope lies in the possibility of the primary irritant being removed and the blood-stream purified. The impurity seems to have been there since birth.

            The karma of having inflicted torture appears to be the root cause. In a previous life, as a male, under orders from a superior, with a Y-shaped iron instrument she had burned out the eyes of certain victims who were condemned to that particular form of punishment. It was in a remote period, in a district where Carthage was later built, when such tortures were not regarded as being so terrible as they would be nowadays, and were the recognised custom of the country. Nevertheless, the pain was so terrible to the victims that many of them died under it.

            Inwardly the patient revolted against the office, and obeyed only through fear. The physical karma is therefore worse than the moral and spiritual. In this life the physical karma will probably be exhausted. The chances of recovery are very remote, and a miracle would be demanded to effect it.

The latest news of this patient confirms this last conclusion.”

 Hodson G. The Science of Seership, Rider, London, 1933 (pp. 61-63)

            In this way Mr. Hodson came across a remarkable variety of causes of disease and suffering, some of them quite unusual by modern medical understanding; a common causal feature being - especially in the more serious and life-threatening diseases - the infliction of suffering upon others at some time in the past – if not in this life then in a former life. This led him to recommend the spiritual life to people as a prophylactic for the long-term good of their physical health. In his own life, living to the age of 96 years and giving his last Public lecture six months prior to his death, one can say that his methods had something to recommend them.

              In terms of prescriptive forms of spiritual healing of a general nature, Mr. Hodson was rather reluctant to give his endorsement, having observed that in the absence of clairvoyant vision, healers sometimes inadvertently stimulate parts of the auric energy field or physical body which are already over stimulated. The only general approach that he recommended, which he said cannot have any harmful side-effects, was an invocation to the healing power of The Lord Jesus Christ. Despite his own remarkable access to different types of efficacious spiritual and energy based healing systems, both Mr. Hodson and his wife Sandra also performed this simple but efficacious method for almost an hour every morning. He said that even distance did not interfere with its effectiveness and he reported that they received letters and cables from people on their healing list from all over the world, who claimed their health to be greatly improved. His instructions were as follows, the procedure taking about one minute for each person:


 " I invoke the Healing Power of the Lord Jesus Christ upon ............... (use given and surname of the person, and think powerfully of them enveloped in the healing light of the Lord Christ, envisaging them as radiantly healthy, do not think of them in their diseased state at all).

  "May the healing Power of the Lord Jesus Christ descend upon him/her, pervade him/her, and remain with him/her, and may the holy angels encompass him/her, according to his/her karma (or if preferred "according to the will of God") --- AMEN".


Method of Clairvoyant Diagnosis, Troubleshooting and Psychic Detection:

            For the first time publicly Mr. Hodson reveals how advanced yogis and are able to shift their consciousness to find out causes of problems, not only those of health, but others which cause various types of trouble and disharmony. Realized yogis and occultists are in fact the human law keepers of the inner worlds, and if some individual is causing trouble or some person is in need of help, it is their job to intervene for the best possible outcome. Many cases of the dead interfering with the lives of the living come into this category as in the case of haunting of an innocent or sometimes not so innocent type, and especially dark and malevolent activities by black magicians and sorcerers - all these have to be confronted, dealt with and put a stop to. Sometimes a battle of wills occurs and the assistance of the Masters of the Wisdom and the Angelic Hosts need to be sought. Here is an interesting audio clip from a private interview which Mr. Hodson sent to me in 1975, which carries the sincerity of Mr. Hodson’s own voice, and in which he explains how he tried to help sufferers who consulted him:



Technique of Clairvoyant Diagnosis, The Ghost Bag, The Haunting at Castle Rotenburg up Tauber, Kundalini Problems:

"Please turn on your speakers"


Futuristic Medicine:


This is what Mr. Hodson had to say on the Medicine of the future:

"The diagnostician of the future will be a seer, able to carry out tests clairvoyantly. He will investigate the former lives of sufferers, and discover both the causative experiences and the actions by which, under karma, such adversities are received; for karma underlies all benefits and adversities.

Necessary knowledge for the prevention, diagnosis and successful treatment of disease:

a) Of the reincarnating Ego, the purpose of its existence, and how that purpose is fulfilled.

b) Of progression to perfection by reincarnation, and the transference from life to life of skandhas or the effects of life-experiences upon the Ego and the psyche.

c) Of karma, especially from life to life.

d) Of the existence of the etheric mould and Double, their functions and malfunctions, the causes of the latter, and their effects upon the physical body.

e) Of prana and the effects of mental, emotional and etheric activities and conditions upon its intake, specialization, conservation and effective distribution throughout the physical body.

f) Of the astral body, in relation to the subconscious and the Egoic or superconscious minds.

g) Of the mental body, and its relations to the subconscious and superconscious minds.

h) Of detailed information concerning the chakras and major glands, particularly as components of the total mechanism of consciousness at the four levels, mental, emotional, etheric, and dense physical.

f) Of the function of the Ego in the personality as its centre of observation, self-awareness and control in varying degrees, and its decoding of sensory experiences.

j) Of the dominating factor in psychological balance or imbalance of treatment and experiences from conception to birth, on to puberty and, in some cases, through adolescence.

k) Of astrological influences, both as indicators and expressions of karma, of skandhas from past lives, and as strengthening or weakening natural tendencies within Ego and personality.

l) Of the gunas, or inherent attributes, and the effects of imbalance, particularly of rajas (activity and passion) or tamas (inertia).

These items of theosophical teaching must be included in any complete psychological and therapeutic science."


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