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 Assessment & Conclusion

  This website is intended to be a portrayal of a most remarkable man whose contribution to great swathes of human spiritual and occult knowledge seemed to me altogether worthy of wider recognition, but it is not a hagiography and even such great men leave occasional mistakes behind them or else do not give sufficient emphasis to certain fast moving contemporaneous developments. However, considering the seventy year length of Mr. Hodson’s active lecturing career, it is quite extraordinary that so very little of a contentious nature remains to be tidied up. He left nothing as far as I know that impinges on his integrity and decency as a person, in fact Professor Robert S. Ellwood referred to him as being amongst a group of saintly men, and certainly he was what we would call a "gentleman" in the very highest meaning of that term. The only items I am aware of that need some rectification are the following four issues, although I would be interested to hear from any informed person who can add additional information:

1) Canals on Mars, Unidentified Flying Objects and Extra-terrestrial visitations to earth?: Earlier in his career Mr. Hodson repeated some statements from another important theosophical seer (C.W. Leadbeater), possibly not verified from his own extra-sensory perception (see Lecture Notes from The School riftvalleymars_image.jpgof the Wisdom Vol 1 pp 450 – 453), this was also repeated in his lecture Life on Other Planets (1958), all of which contain  interesting material regarding  intelligent physical life on Mars. Whilst ultimate scientific verification of such matters is still pending and may not even be released if known, it is true to say that the advancing front of science now appears to contradict at least one feature  i.e. the existence of a canal system on Mars. This was probably inadvertently sown into the popular imagination by the observations of the 19th Century  Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli. Now, we have the scientific benefit of the Mariner 9 photographs and associated modelling, these canelli or channels mistranslated from the Italian as “canals” appear to be gigantic rift valleys, which is the real reason why they can be seen from earth, not because of the belts of forest that were previously thought to be adjacent to canal-like waterways which obviously do not exist on the physical Mars of the present day. Despite this apparent error I would be inclined to believe that C.W. Leadbeater did actually vision something of significance - maybe a life on Mars at a previous distant time in its history before it lost its atmosphere.

           Mr. Hodson seemed to be rather dismissive of questions on UFOs and current extraterrestrial contacts, falling back on the fact that Government Investigations had not verified such matters. Although, at least  he did suggest that it is a subject worthy of keeping an eye on developments. I can understand how he took objection to some of the far fetched New Age mediumistic revelations connected with UFOs (although by no means all of these were received by trance mediumship, some actually employed a higher form). However,  since his comments were made the whole subject seems to have gone through a massive degree of evidence-based revelation, mostly through Dr. Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project” and also the work inspired by Dr.(formerly Professor) Michael E. Salla and DrsGreerSalla_imageothers involved  with Exopolitics (the politics of Extraterrestrial contact). Dr. Greer's Disclosure Project was initially presented to the world through the American National Press Club on 9th May 2001, and in the first two hour session, vast amounts of data and testimony became available on the subject. This data  was largely presented by intelligence, military and scientific insiders who had first-hand knowledge of UFO and Extra-Terrestrial contacts, moreover they all seemed prepared to say that they would present evidence under oath in the case of a Congressional Inquiry, underlining their honesty and integrity. An item on Dr. Stephen Greer can be read in Wikipedia:

His website can be found at:

The original two hour revelation of the  Disclosure Project presentation of 9th May 2001 is still available both on the world wide web and in a hard copy DVD  from Dr. Greer’s organization . If you are interested in looking at the evidence and have a few hours to spare to do so please visit the video links below:


Barcelona Executive Update 2009:


A person would have to be extremely evidence-averse if they did not realize that something very big and important is going on. To put the whole matter in a nutshell it seems that  governments and their investigations just cannot be relied on to give us factual information needed in these vital areas. For one thing governments do not have full control of the agenda, which is really in the hands of the military/industrial complex,  with their secret power structures and multi million dollar slush funds. Governments are actually held hostage to the wishes of this secret elite. Dr. Greer has such a courageous personality and high patriotic profile, as well as having a respected previous career as a hospital chairman of emergency surgery, that he has been permitted to brief not only senior officials of the United States government, but also government officials of several other countries. He often gets a highly sympathetic hearing on the topic, but typical of the sort of response is that which he says was made by President Bill Clinton when he was in office, that he could not act on the disclosure information because he was afraid that “he may end up like (President) Jack Kennedy”. In fact, many people have been killed and threatened in order to silence them and attempt was made in a similar way on Dr. Greer's life. Fortunately, on the advice of a lawyer friend, he quickly learned that his best chance was to increase his public profile, which has protected him to some extent.

There are many  reasons why disclosure is resisted by our temporal governments and disinformation spread instead. One article from supplies (65) possible reasons for lack of disclosure. Another site which has articles that look at the matter seriously with dozens of highly documented reports can be found at:

 However, I suspect at the very heart of the problem is the fact that the highest and most liberating alien technology transfer to planet earth is still on hold because they do not wish us to extend our destructive capacity. They have made it a condition that we put an end to wars and nuclear weaponry, which is something that the Great Powers, driven by their military/industrial complexes are not prepared to do. In order to preserve the petrocurrency economies, which enable the proprietors to influence the world’s money supply, the possibility of enforcement of Foreign Policy by warfare is still, I am afraid,  insisted upon. Moreover, this is also leading to a weaponization of space in an attempt to prevent and discourage ET contact. Certain powerful earthly forces do not want ETs spreading peace and goodwill which would interfere with them making money and exercising power. As Dr. Greer points out we should not be attacking those who come to us in peace to offer their help, but should instead be meeting them with diplomatic missions. Because government is letting its peoples down in this area, Dr. Greer and others are trying to fill the gap by establishingAdrianDvir_image.jpg friendly individual contact, and training human ambassadors to do so.

It is the wish of the altruistic extra-terrestrials that earth rapidly prepares itself to enter a brotherhood of 55 advanced galactic civilisations, which it could do by renouncing warfare and intimidation of its peoples. This can be read about in an interesting  book entitled X3 Healing Entities and Aliens (2003) authored by the late Adrian Dvir M.Sc, an  Israeli computer engineer, who received his information directly from Alien intelligences, who also helped him with their specialized healing abilities. This book is obviously far more than some odd mediumistic communication. The evidence of the healings, as well as explanations on how they are accomplished and highly  detailed information on how vast interstellar distances are travelled - all this should alert the reader that humanity is at the dawn of a totally new revelation and period of evolutionary expansion. 

It should also be realized that as far back as 1954 President Eisenhower met with different ET races, but bad decisions were made at that time and instead of accepting the most altruistic and peaceful offer, he was forced  by the military/industrial complex to negate this in order to cut a deal with the wrong partners:

In his farewell speech to the nation on 17th January 1961 he probably reflected on this lost opportunity by saying: "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex".  

Also, it should also be noted that  there is already sufficient knowledge on free or "zero point" energy extracted from the universal space vacuum that surrounds us, to massively implement non-polluting energy systems. This would produce an immediate reduction in global warming, which would preserve the biosphere for all, but this opportunity  is being squandered and repudiated for the greed of a few. Brave people like Dr. Greer are trying to do their best to make this alternative technology widely available, but it suffers from the same strictures that apply to disclosure information, and although the technology is there, everything possible is being done by materialistic forces to either delay or stop it. Dr. Greer says a machine the size of a small cardboard box would supply all power needed for a home, and a slightly larger one would provide for a factory - all without any pollution at all. Meanwhile, we are being forced to use fossil fuels and suffer the degradation of the planet such as the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico (2010).

My best guess is that Mr. Hodson did actually know about the level of activity of ET visitation to earth. People who do not even have his degree of clairvoyance reputedly often see Extra-Terrestrial visitors on the astral plane, from whence they and their craft can materialize at will. It therefore seems very likely to me that he did know about them and despite what he said, was probably in touch with them, especially the spiritual races, who have earth's best interests at heart. Certainly, those that Dr. Greer is in touch with are deeply spiritual beings who have remarkable powers at their disposal, what we might term yogically as well as technologically developed beings. 

Mr. Hodson had certainly always acknowledged the visit of the Lords of the Flame from Venus, some  18,500,000 years ago.  The august head of this group of Venusian visitors, Sanat Kumara and his two lieutenants are reputedly still in charge of earth’s spiritual hierarchy living at the fabled Shamballah (in the Gobi Desert) in their superphysical bodies. Although fully conceding this, Mr. Hodson was advised by his teachers not to bring contemporary discussions about Extra-Terrestrials into Theosophy which might have been too contentious at the time. What could have been the reason? Perhaps it was the fact that discrimination was needed in deciding which Alien races it was permissible to contact, perhaps it was due to unreliable mediumship by some New Agers which obscured the real truths of the matter, perhaps the Theosophical Society itself  had become a little too rigid and Establishment-orientated, making it difficult for some members to accept the revelation? Whatever it was, Mr. Hodson spoke in a discouraging and oracular way on the subject of UFOs and ET contact. In fact, there is a quote in The Diary  dated 16th May 1977 in which his adept training guru, the Master Polidorus Isurenus, tells him enigmatically, "Leave the U.F.O. question where it is for the time being.” (p.353) -obviously implying the Adept Brotherhood's knowledge of the Extra-Terrestrial presence on earth and that the time would eventually be appropriate to discuss it later on. However, my own feelings are that, although this may have indeed been the appropriate response at the time, the groundswell has moved so fast, that now if Theosophists do not act on current knowledge and put their shoulder to the wheel to bring out the truth, they will actually be contributing to holding back the evolution of humanity. Listening to Dr. Greer it is obvious that concepts that are also held dear in Theosophy related to expansion of consciousness, Universal Brotherhood and the ending of poverty on earth are all embodied in this new thinking of co-operation with extra-terrestrial visitors who have come to earth in order to help us. In my opinion Mr. Hodson's reticence on this subject has now become unnecessary and outdated, and the knowledge should now rightly  be incorporated into the corpus of Modern Theosophy (just as the visitation  of The Lords of the Flame from Venus was acceptable in the past). 

And why is this subject so important? Well, because within the next few years all the preparation and consciousness-raising related to our ET visitors is going to come to fruition. The impetus is unstoppable and those who wish to hold humanity back will eventually have to give way in favour of non-polluting energy generation, the capacity to feed earth's population by making the deserts bloom, advanced medical treatments and transfer of a form of high technology which will eventually take us to the stars. In fact all these things could be done now if the political will was there. The evolutionary challenge is for planet Earth to qualify itself to join the brotherhood of 55 galactic civilisations, for Adrian Dvir was told that we are intended to be the 56th addition - we are in fact that close to the tipping point. More than likely the expectation that surrounded 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and entry into a new cycle related to the Aquarian Age, will have a lot to do with our Extra-Terrestrial visitors. It is therefore very important to recognize the early signs inherent in the increased frequency of crop circles, disclosure information, and other manifestations which are intended to prepare humanity for the coming quantum leap in knowledge which will change our lives forever. The subject of Extra-Terrestrial contact and co-operation with them is looming up as the single most important opportunity for humanity, and the  time will soon come when nobody will be able to ignore it. In the immediate context it is linked with preserving the biosphere for generations of humanity yet unborn, without that, humanity will not be able to continue evolving physically on earth.

I mention this subject at length because it will be seen that there is such a massive amount of data that could be reviewed and processed that a person could spend a whole lifetime on this subject alone. I believe that Mr. Hodson felt that Theosophy and its application were of far more use in a person's ultimate development and had ramifications for evolution from life to life, and that was probably the reason that he did not give encouragement to people to follow up on UFO and ET matters, which might have been a distraction to them. It is my opinion that with his own expanded consciousness he would have known exactly what was going on, but chose not to emphasize it, receiving advice from his Masters along the same line.

2) Occasionally and very rarely in experiments with scientists his clairvoyant results, although significantly better than those of chance, were not up to his usual pin-point accuracy, possibly due to imperfect test conditions: Over time he learned how to use his faculties more accurately. It is hard to explain to others, but often in four-dimensional vision you see things from a point of view totally different from normal vision, as if in the case of a cube all sides are seen at the same time. This sort of vision whilst studying the complexities of such things as sub atomic particles can cause inaccuracies to be made, if not allowed for by the seer. Mr. Hodson’s ultra-careful and oft-repeated investigations limited these errors as far as possible, but could not totally remove the possibility of error. 

3) Views in regard to breakaway movements from The Theosophical Society: Mr. Hodson was very well aware that the inauguration of The Theosophical Society was a major attempt by the Spiritual  Hierarchy of the planet to bring the wisdom religion to a pre-eminent position on earth, in order to prevent wars and suffering and to speed human spiritual evolution. He therefore tended to believe that splits within the movement were undesirable. Sometimes during his talks he would quote an extract from the writings of the Masters of the Wisdom mentioned in The Mahatma Letters referring to "The parent Theosophical Society". And of course there was no doubt that this was where he gave his loyalty and hoped others may do the same. The problem as I see it is that there were members who for one reason or another could who not be fully accommodated within the movement because they had different emphases in revelation. Early on in the piece there was a remarkable woman  called Dr. Anna Bonus Kingsford, only the second woman doctor in England, who had qualified in France because there were no provisions for medical training of women in England at that time. She felt that the Theosophical Society should have a more Hermetic emphasis rather than an Indian one. Actually, Madame. Blavatsky gave her blessing to a Hermetic Lodge being formed because she knew of the importance of that tradition as did her teachers. Dr. Kingsford resigned from the London Lodge of The Theosophical Society, but not the parent body. Later on there was a more marked split related to Mr. William Quan Judge in the U.S.A. over the succession of the International Presidency, and then Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Alice A. Bailey, both of whom made important contributions along theosophical lines. Unfortunate as these rifts were, if you look at the thrust of what the individuals contributed you can see that they also did excellent work, even though the bulk of it  eventually occurred and continued outside of the confines of the parent Theosophical Society. Without going into too much detail about the reasons for the rifts, I am inclined to feel that The Theosophical Society  is now secure enough to be able to accept a wider view on some of these matters. As John Coats, the perceptive 6th international President of the Theosophical Society said, "we should concentrate more on what we have in common rather than our differences." So, to that extent I feel Mr. Hodson's understandable loyalty  and protection of the Theosophical Society should now give way more to the Aquarian spirit of co-operation with like minded groups. I think this is the case, particularly with some of the writings of Alice Bailey, whose contributions were partly inspired by another Master of the Wisdom, the Tibetan Master Djwal Kul, although other components may have been her own opinions. In fact, it is probably true to say that she was forced out on her own because her teachings were not able to be incorporated into the wider body of Theosophy at the time, probably due to spiritual rivalry. In her respect I therefore also agree with another opinion expressed to me by John Coats, "that Alice Bailey  was treated very badly by the Theosophical Society". Mr. Hodson did not concede any occult validity regarding the Bailey teachings, but there are other people of extended vision who have given credit to Mrs. Bailey in this respect and the content of her books is on such a massive and detailed scale that it would be surprising if much was not valid. Although I deeply respect the Master Djwal Kul,  I am not a particular student of the Alice Bailey books. However, in my own meditation I found out the real reason for Mr. Hodson's negativity to be that  "he did not want to see young people going over the hill and deserting the work of the Theosophical Society in order to follow the Bailey teachings"; he therefore spoke about Alice Bailey in an oracular and even perhaps discouraging way, but I believe he may have gone a little too far in this respect.

4) Erroneous opinions relating to The Cottingley Fairy Photographs: Let it be said at the outset, the main reasons that many people do not accept a belief in fairies and nature-spirits is that: 1) These entities lie just beyond the visible spectrum and thus are not normally seen  by those who do not have some degree of etheric or astral sight. 2) there is gross ignorance of the part they play in the economy of nature - so the need for their function cannot be logically understood. I hope that I have pointed to some credibility on the subject in the chapter entitled Angelic Contacts. Unfortunately, the subject of the Cottingley Fairy photographs actually confuses the real issue and therefore needs to be explained and tidied up. It is a subject that has been dug over on numerous occasions and even now remains in the public domain, there being several sites devoted to the subject on the world wide web at the present time which quote Mr. Hodson as the psychic investigator concerned. The photographs themselves were taken by two girls Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths in the village of Cottingley, Yorkshire, England in 1917 and received massive publicity at the time because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became involved, and arranged for publication in 1920 in The Strand magazine, which also published his Sherlock Holmes stories. Since that time there have been many other magazine articles and books written about the photographs, at least four T.V. programs in the U.K., two films: Fairytale – A True Story (1997) and Photographing Fairies (1997), and also a musical. Of the world wide web sites on the topic, they range from sentimental to quite aggressive, whilst others seriously attempt to get to the truth of the matter. One site prepared by Professor Donald E. Simanek presents some of the surrounding discussion quoting in part from the author Joe Cooper’s serious and extensive research work, examining the evidence without preconceived hostility:

            As indicated by the following quotation Joe Cooper is quite fair towards Mr. Hodson: 

"In 1921, Conan Doyle asked the clairvoyant Geoffrey Hodson to go to Cottingley to check the girls’ observations – essentially, to see if he, too, could see the fairies. His lengthy descriptions of fairy life, endorsed by the overawed Elsie and Frances – who saw nothing while Hodson was present, as they disclosed in a television interview in 1975 – appeared as key pages in Doyle’s The Coming of the Fairies in 1922. Hodson went on to become a distinguished writer on clairvoyance; it is impossible to rule out the possibility that his experience may actually have been genuine." 

This fairness continues in Joe Cooper’s book The Case of the Cottingley Fairies, Robert Hale, London (1990) in which he supplies the text of a brief interview given by Mr. Hodson to Mr. Frank Wilson (a fellow Theosophist) of Auckland giving his unchanged opinion on the subject. Also, in the book Joe cites examples of the ‘lofty seriousness’ of Mr. Hodson’s writings, in effect, defending him to some extent from the later jaundiced opinions of the girls (elderly women at that time). 

Mr. Hodson was originally involved in the matter through Edward L. Gardner, a fellow Theosophist, who did most of the early running on the case and who had been consulted on the photographs by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to whom he recommended Mr. Hodson. 

The evidence regarding fabrication of the photographs is of recent times and developed gradually, initially through the identification of very similar drawings first found and commented on by the well-known author on occult matters, Fred Gettings, in Princess Mary’s Gift Book (pub.1914) which he had stumbled on during some other research. Frances confirmed to Joe Cooper that she had brought a copy of this book from South Africa in 1917. Such drawings were identified with very similar images in the first and best known photograph (Frances and the dancing fairies). Fred Gettings’ initial insight was built on by Joe Cooper in his articles in The Unexplained magazine (Jan/Feb. 1981 & Jan.1983) and subsequently updated in his book The Case of the Cottingley Fairies (1990). Frances (then an elderly lady) was the first of the girls to formally confess substantially what happened in a statement published by The Times newspaper on 9th April 1983, relating how stiff paper cut-outs and hatpins had been used, but maintaining that the last photograph was of real fairies taken by herself. A similar confession subsequently came from Elsie (who had also previously claimed to have taken the last photograph herself). Joe Cooper says that in a later issue of The Times of the same day (9thApril 1983) Geoffrey Crawley (editor and director of the British Journal of Photography) had a letter published regarding this questionable last photograph:  

             "The fairy bower is easily explained by certain technical indications, first noted by Coe (Kodak) that it is an unintended double exposure of fairy cutouts in the grass. That is why both ladies can be quite sincere in believing that they each took it."      

Furthermore, Mr. Crawley adds the reason why so few subsequent investigations had been carried out since the death of Doyle in 1930:  

            "Access to the Cottingley material was then barred by Edward Gardner and later his son, in whose possession it remained, and it has only become available in the last year or so."  

This information is all to be taken along with the fact that Joe Cooper had discovered an original print of Frances and the dancing fairies, which appears in his book (above cit.) alongside with its better known retouched version – the one known to the world through publication in The Strand magazine article of 1920. The significance of the un-retouched version is that it clearly shows the two-dimensional cut-out nature of the fairies, which of course disappears in the retouched version. We can assume that this later photographic examination was much more stringent and scientific than that which was done at the time. 


When I spoke to Mr. Hodson on the matter in Perth, Western Australia, in 1973 before Joe Cooper’s articles started appearing, he still sincerely believed that the photographs were genuine and that the girls were browbeaten into subsequent denials because the press was making life unbearable by hounding them. In my discussion with others who spoke to Mr. Hodson in New Zealand subsequently and as also in his interview with Frank Wilson, he never apparently deviated from that opinion prior to his death in 1983, defending the perceived authenticiy throughout, although Joe Cooper sent him copies of his research articles. 

Confronted with the amount of evidence on the subject now available it would seem only rational to concede that:  

1) The photographs were fabricated fakes from cutouts traced and drawn by the girls onto thin card and posed in the grass by the use of hatpins.  

2) Mr. Hodson, unfortunately, was in error about the genuine nature of the photographs as in his assessment of the straightforwardness of the girls.

What the evidence cannot satisfactorily refute are Mr. Hodson's opinions concerning:  

3) The clairvoyance or partial clairvoyance of the girls or at least one of them.  

4) His own detailed clairvoyant observations of fairy life in the vicinity of Cottingley.  

Whilst I can see why he should have continued to hold to 3) and 4)  I cannot see why in the face of the strong evidence he did not amend his opinions on 1) and 2). Since Mr. Hodson died in 1983 we cannot now ask him the following relevant questions:  

a) Why did he not baulk at the time in relation to the fact that most of the photographs looked suspiciously solid, rather than ethereal as in his own clairvoyant sightings (apart from the fifth photograph which experts now declare to be a double exposure of cut-outs)?  

b) Could he still hold to his opinion in comparing the discovered un-retouched photograph of the first photograph (Frances and the dancing fairies shown above) in which the cut-out nature is obvious (showing edges which cast a shadow) as opposed to the highly retouched version (shown underneath) that was portrayed in The Strand magazine? Incidentally, although the photographic evidence is before one’s eyes in the above  illustrations, if anyone wanted to go further and see the photographic plates themselves they are in a safe repository according to this note on the Internet: 

In 1972 Stewart Sanderson of Leeds University persuaded Leslie Gardner (son of E. L. Gardner) to donate Cottingley Fairy correspondence and the five glass plates of the fairies to the Brotherton Collection at Leeds University, where they are still housed. (1972 was 50 years after the first publication of the fairies photos). It is understood that E. L. Gardner persuaded the Wright family to sign over copyright of the photos to him when he took away the original plates.  

c) Did he actually utilise his occult powers to later re-investigate the real history of the photographs or was he depending only upon his memory of the situation? 

d) On 9th April 1983 Frances gave her denouement to The Times on how  the photographs were faked, a confession subsequently was confirmed by Elsie. Mr Hodson had died on 23rd of January of the same year, so could not comment further on the matter. 

Truth was a very important commodity to Mr. Hodson, it was one of the great pillars upon which he had built his life. He never, however, claimed personal infallibility - in fact to the contrary he conceded it was quite possible for him to make errors from time to time - although he always tried his utmost to retain accuracy and objectivity - a factor which encouraged scientists to want to work with him. Consequently, if he discovered he had made an error or modified his views in the light of further knowledge, his approach would normally be to concede it and utter a corrective statement. The fact that none of this appears to have happened in this particular case is what makes his unchangeable opinion in the face of strong evidence to the contrary something of a real dilemma. Admittedly, the last act of the drama - the denouement to The Times - occurred after Mr. Hodson’s death, but there had been many hints and partial intimations of what really happened in terms of fabrication of the photographs well before that time and Joe Cooper had written to him about the situation, which only produced an interview with Frank Wilson which reiterated Mr. Hodson's belief that everything was wholesome and genuine.

 In the end because of many contradictory twists over such a long period of time, perhaps it just became too difficult in his final years for Mr. Hodson to be able to recognize the reality of the photographic fraud component. However, the most amazing irony of all was that there would have been no other person in the history of the world who would have made out a stronger evidential case to open-minded people concerning the reality of the fairies and other nature spirits, let alone their angelic superiors, through his extensive and very detailed clairvoyant research embodied in his numerous books. The sad thing is that the Cottingley case cannot reasonably be included in this body of evidence. It is almost as if the powers that be want to keep us guessing. Whilst on the one hand they dole out a generous portion of spiritual truth, with the other they give a portion of indeterminacy which then permits the sceptics to latch onto and say, "I told you so". I am very much inclined to agree with Joe Cooper that "The Cosmic Joker" appears to have been at work on this case.  

          Even though it has hurt me to have to contradict my teacher on this matter, I am in no doubt that I had to put it right especially within Theosophical circles. I have since had meditational assurance that Mr. Hodson is pleased with this rectification and grateful to Joe Cooper, even though his efforts did not initially appear to have been appreciated, he has brought an honourable closure  to this curious incident that had been occupying the attention of so many people for so long. It is now time to move on and put this strange mistake behind us. The last thing one needs in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary is for people, especially Theosophists, to claim these photographs were genuine – they were initially a childish prank that went wrong and the girls were trapped into keeping quiet about it because of the reputation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who would have been made to look foolish if the truth had been revealed at the time.


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