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Clairvoyant Investigations 

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8th October 1979, Auckland. "During the night, the Master Morya drew Geoffrey into His home and familiar room, and from the side room brought out again the scroll of Planetary History. However, on that occasion, the Master Morya unrolled the Scroll backwards in time. He pointed to the record of one of Geoffrey’s earlier incarnations. He then directed Geoffrey’s attention to an area which, when examined by him, proved to be a record of his office as a sibyl at Cumae2. “This function,” the Master explained, “indicated the naturalness with which you received guidance from devas in your present life and especially the reception of the whole of the teachings from the Archangel Bethelda…”

Light of The Sanctuary (The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson) compiled by Sandra Hodson, 1988 p.451

2The sibyl at Cumae was the equivalent of the Greek Delphic Oracle, but situated on the Italian mainland. The sibyls were female prophetesses some of whom had fully conscious powers of spiritual perception. They were so efficient at their work that they were consulted by the Roman State, as were their recorded utterances - the so-called Sibylline Books. The Grotto complex was rediscovered in 1870 AD in the volcanic region near Lake Avernus, a crater lake, situated above Cumae in the Campania region of Italy, about 10 miles (16 kilometres) from Naples (shown in the illustration above - ed.). "It had been sealed on the orders of the emperor Augustus who had seized power in Rome in 27 B.C., his first act had been to round up any written copies of the Sibylline Oracles. He'd burned any he had deemed "inauthentic"-- those that did not support his tenure, or which had prophetically heralded the return of the Republic. Then he'd ordered the Cumaean grotto sealed, and its official entrance, located not here but at the base of the volcano, was buried beneath a mountain of rubble. All trace of the famous cave's existence had been lost to mankind. Until now.” (You can read this dramatized story of the rediscovery of the Cumaean cave complex in Katherine Neville’s book, The Magic Circle (1998).


    If the reader is able to accept the above revelation, it will be seen how in Mr. Hodson, the consciousness of one of the most gifted seers of the ancient world was again brought to focus, but in the 20th Century, on matters of deep interest to the modern world which required the investigation of fully conscious seership.




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