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The Inner Government

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    The rise of an important spiritual teacher who has God Realization and the added  reliable yogic siddhis (supernormal powers of perception and healing abilities) such as Mr. Hodson, is always to some extent to be shrouded in mystery. There are several reasons for this, not least of which is the need to minimize envy and negative activity from others who may feel displaced and wish to interfere with his/her ministry. We don’t need to look any further regarding this weakness in human behaviour than in the fate of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose actual death was engineered by the power elites of his day, notwithstanding that he was deeply loved by the ordinary people. Mr. Hodson’s spiritual gifts were so absolutely remarkable, that even his own brother was immensely jealous of them (told to me by Sandra Hodson). Although Mr. Hodson was aware of these forces that surrounded him and had the capacity to defend himself, he chose not to exercise it. This was because an advanced initiate is not permitted to make personal defence, he has to bear the full karmic impact as part of his rapid growth to perfection. Therefore, whilst often defending others during his life, Mr. Hodson refused to respond to negative impacts on himself. He also made no exaggerated claims, choosing instead to let his good deeds speak for him in an impersonal way. 

            However, as good fortune would have it, the publication of  Mr. Hodson’s Occult Diary after his death, has helped us to piece together a partial picture of his spiritual rise, as well as explaining his remarkable inner capacities (although not the details of his actual awakening process which must ever remain secret because of the dangers involved). Although significant entries have been edited out, sufficient remains to make us realize who this humble, dignified,  gentleman was and how he was regarded by his teachers. No clearer statement is available on this matter than the one provided by his adept guru, The Master Polidorus Isurenus, whose image appears here: 

"6 December 1944, Auckland 

            "Your whole life in this incarnation was mapped out for you from the beginning, and you, as an Ego, accepted the plan. You had earned a healthy body in your life to stand the strain of disaster and later occultism. Your boyhood was watched over and you were saved from death more than once, as when you swallowed a penny and when your pony galloped away. Your entry upon the Path was the sole consideration with you and you were ready to work and suffer, as indeed you have done. But your reward is sure and draweth nigh. Together with your old friend, you are going to take up the occult life in real earnest before very long. The shackles are falling away already, and you have made your own road by your exertions. Soon you will be free to follow wholly your own chosen path of Light and of the Light-bringer. 

            You began that path eight thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt and have followed it ever since. You found the Light and the doctrine of the Light in both male and female incarnations in Ancient Egypt and later on in Greece. Your path led through Palestine at the time of Christ. Then Alexandria and the Gnostics received you. Steadily you advanced in occult science but with brief interludes of worldliness, most of them unfortunate ... However, the excursion was not all loss, as it brought knowledge and experience and set your will for this incarnation towards the occult life. You belong to the Temple and the Sanctuary and that is why you responded as you did to Theosophy when it first came into your life, as it was bound to do. For you had served the Light too well for it to desert you for very long. 

            Your siddhi of intercommunication, through transference, or faculty of receiving, in full consciousness, soon came out, and your Archangel Teacher [Bethelda] developed it by use. Now it is operating again and will develop further as your life becomes more established. You are a messenger above all things, a bringer of the Light to man. The next twenty years of your life will bring you to great spiritual and occult heights and largely because of your capacity to receive direct the Light which the Great Ones propose still further to give. This link now formed between us will endure to the end, for I have been deputed as Their messenger when They do not wish to speak direct. No longer need you feel alone. You have drawn near to the heart of the work and are now received back into the Sanctuary; exile is done. You are back Home. I am the Elder Brother Who receives the prodigal home, an old Friend Who worked and taught with you in your Egyptian and Alexandrian days. So now assume self-confidence and speak your word, if with outer diffidence as is your wont, yet with inward calm. To restore your confidence and to reassure your heart I give these words to you... "

Light of The Sanctuary (The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson) compiled by Sandra Hodson, 1988 pp114 -115 

    This advice was given to Mr. Hodson in 1944 in his 58th year and as the Master indicated, even greater light and insight were in store for him. In fact, some of his finest occult research work and achievements were made in this later and vitally mature part of his life, examples being his work on Biblical allegory and symbolism, Mythology, Music forms, researches into the various orders of Angels (Devas) especially in South Africa and New Zealand, and palaeontology research assisting Professor John Robinson D.Sc.  

    Mr. Hodson was actually a pupil of the senior Master of the Wisdom known as the Chohan (Lord) Morya, but the majority of his training was delegated to the Master Polidorus Isurenus (shown above) who was mostly Mr. Hodson’s day to day working guru and an old teacher from the past. In certain of Mr. Hodson's books we find the following acknowledgement of the Master Polidorus' inspiration in this form:

  "This work is dedicated to Philo Judaeus the Alexandrian Sage".


     The Occult Diary reveals that at various times he had actually been the recipient of contact and advice from many Chohans including Morya (M.), Kuthumi (K.H.), the Prince Rakoczy (R.) (who is sometimes also referred to as the Comte de St. Germain), Jesus (J.) as well as others not known by name to the world, and some intriguingly referred to just as "An Adept". Some of these are shown in the illustrations above along with Mdme. H.P. Blavatsky, who acting as the agent of the Masters M. & K.H., was the central source of inspired revelation in founding The Theosophical Society in 1875. These members of the Inner Spiritual Government of the World speaking from their various sanctuaries in Tibet, Egypt, Transylvania, Shamballah (Gobi Desert - China) and Yucatan (Mexico), comprise the highest spiritual teachings available on earth. Moreover, in the wise way the information was released to the world by publication five years after his death, Mr. Hodson is completely freed of any accusation of seeking kudos or personal gain. One is consequently left with the feeling that these revelations are totally genuine. In this and similar ways we can see how Mr. Hodson was really the vehicle of a great push towards revealing spiritual truth in his time, stemming directly from the spiritual hierarchy of our planet. The following extracts amalgamated from several references in The Occult Diary and emanating from The Masters Morya and Kuthumi indicate the progressive developments. 

"Master Kuthumi emerged from another room, now glowing with golden light. I received the impression of a dedicated altar within it. He walked up to me and handed me a long used pencil of white wood. On it were several signatures, including His own as in the Letters – “K.H.”… I did not feel it was given, only shown to me and to be held…” “The Pencil was your work in the world as accredited agent for Us…” “ you [Geoffrey] fulfill the Office suggested by the “gift of the Pencil” and the indication on the “Roll” of the continuance of the Office held and work done by H.P. Blavatsky, Our former representative, and of whom you are already a successor”…“Now”, perhaps, you may understand more fully the true meaning of the proffered Pencil.” “Geoffrey realized that the Master referred not only to his reception of many published books and articles, but to his somewhat newly appointed position as “Pronouncer” or the Masters’ Agent to inform aspirants of Steps upon the Path of Initiation."

    Thus, Mr. Hodson rapidly expanded his consciousness through the advanced practice of Yoga and training in the Mysteries, as well as in dedicated service to The Inner Government of the World – Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy. Although he would never have claimed it for himself, the evidence amassed by Sandra through the publication of The Occult Diary in the above quotations, rather suggests that he was regarded by the Spiritual Hierarchy as the pre-eminent Theosophical Teacher of his generation. This is very important to grasp, because the methods that he recommended and the advice he gave during his lifetime were thus more likely to be wholesome and designed to help prevent people from running themselves into trouble. This would not necessarily apply to other more experimental systems of occult philosophy or yogic development.

    The magnitude and intensity of communications from The Inner Government of the world are arresting to say the least, and anybody with aspiration to Discipleship and Initiation would benefit greatly from reading The Trilogy (The Occult Diary in particular). Suggested spiritual stepping stones that Mr. Hodson himself used are mentioned in the next section entitled, Disciplines of the Spiritual Life. 

    The following  14minute+ video clip gives some idea of Mr. Hodson's platform presentation as he  expounds and introduces his talk entitled, The Hierarchy of Earth's Adepts:


  "Please turn on your speakers "

This © video (1977) extract is reproduced by kind permission of Quest Books of The Theosophical Society in America, the full (92 minute) version may be purchased on DVD from the following site: 


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