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GHcolonel_image.jpg   Geoffrey Hodson was a kindly and dignified English gentleman and an advanced graduate of the planetary training system known as The Greater Mysteries. (The Mystery School system is one of only two approaches that have proven to work in the context of producing kundalini activated illumined seers and sages; the other school being that of high yoga, (in whatever cultural milieu that it is found in). The two systems are rather similar, despite certain superficial differences - they both lead to trancendence of the physical, emotional and intellectual realms and entry into the intuitional worlds which lie beyond. 

    Mr. Hodson  became self-illumined when he was in his young manhood, although even from the age of six years the process had started. He continued to further expand his consiousness throughout his life, and at the end of it (he died at the age of 96 years) he was reminiscent of those patriarchs of wisdom who have remained in the racial memory such as the prophets of the Old Testament, the Egyptian and Greek sages, the Indian yogis, and the genuine illumined saints of different cultures, who went around doing good and helping wherever they could. Professor Robert S. Ellwood, a religious scholar and fellow Theosophist, who visited New Zealand in 1988, in fact says as much in this quotation:

“New Zealanders may not be fully aware that, for all the alleged secularity of their country, they may well have long harbored a man who – though such things are admittedly very difficult to judge – was worthy of compare with the greatest seers and mystics of any land or time.” 
Dr. Robert S. Ellwood (Professor of Religion at the University of Southern California),  Islands of the Dawn – The Story of Alternative Spirituality in New Zealand, p.129, University of Hawaii Press,1993

     A brief autobiography of the formative part of Mr. Hodson’s life may be read in Light of the Sanctuary – The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson (1988) pp.1-31. A short biography can be read in Appendix I of Appendices. He travelled the world three times in the course of his long international lecturing career for The Theosophical Society, but he ended up spending protracted periods of his time in Australia and New Zealand, eventually settling in Auckland and becoming a naturalized New Zealand Citizen. Much that is mentioned in this website may seem quite extraordinary to many people, especially if they have a sceptical turn of mind and have not had the benefit of a theosophical education in such matters, that is a risk I had to take. In any case this information is not supplied for sceptics, so much as for those who are searching for deeper explanations in life, and to that extent have come to the stage where they are able to embrace a certain wider view of things. Also, the contents of this website reflect a curious process of nature: that those who serve selflessly and unstintingly on behalf of their fellow creatures are given greater spiritual and eventually god-like powers and insights to enable them to be ever more useful in their contribution. This, I believe, is an approach that has been proven to work down the centuries.

     It is not contested that it is perfectly possible to make good progress and find certain types of spiritual truth in other areas of activity, but this site mostly is of use for those who realize that there is a direct Path up the mountain to the summit, rather than the spiral one around the mountain, which most people are contented to take, or even worse the so-called ‘school of hard knocks’ that is taken by the ignorant, who know no better.


    I have chosen to be as direct as possible for the sake of clarity and also because the modern world is in desperate need of wisdom-based systems that are able to explain meaning and purpose as well as inspiring devotional application. The reader, however, should be aware that the information is offered non-dogmatically for their consideration and that nobody is required to accept it - let alone follow it - if it does not ring true or feel internally consistent with their own spiritual aspirations.

    Because Mr. Hodson was multi-faceted in his abilities he was difficult to characterize precisely. He was without doubt an illumined occultist (this misused and misunderstood word properly refers to someone who studies the “occult” or hidden side of nature); he was also a gnostic seer (gnostic meaning someone who knows in a spiritual sense), but could additionally be described as a mystic, a yogi, a healer, a philosopher and a humanitarian, as well as being an inspiring speaker and a friend and teacher to many. He had also been active as a priest in The Liberal Catholic Church (an independent apostolic church which came under theosophical influence) and had reached the 32nd degree in Co-freemasonry – a Masonic order that admits women co-equally with men. For his own part he modestly referred to himself as a “student of Theosophy” (Gk. Theos - God, Sophia – Wisdom) which, in its purest form, he saw as an important means whereby human-kind can save itself from itself. He devoted most of his life to exploring and teaching this perennial philosophy and used his other abilities, particularly his expanded psychic and spiritual powers, to support that ideal. Unlike most of his contemporaries who only had partial, theoretical, or incomplete experience of theosophical realities, he had actually realized these great perennial truths1 and had applied them effectively in his own life. Yet, he carried that insight with the humility and reserve that befits a genuine teacher - refusing to flaunt his own personality - whilst quietly and systematically spreading the truth as he saw it and ever responding to requests to teach, help, and heal others.

    We now know more about the incredible richness of Mr. Hodson’s inner life, something that he largely withheld from public gaze during his lifetime. This information is contained in three revealing posthumous books edited by his second wife Sandra assisted by a small group of friends (Light of the Sanctuary - The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson,1988, The Yogic Ascent to Spiritual Heights, 1991, and Illuminations of The Mystery Tradition, 1992). For convenience, I have referred to these three books as The Trilogy.

    The teaching of the impersonal principles of Theosophy was Mr. Hodson’s main area of activity and his profession, in the time that he had left over from this very responsible and demanding task, he concentrated on a colossal amount of additional work which occupied him to the end of his long life. This included the writing of over sixty books and booklets, embodying insights mediated to him from both Angelic and Adeptic sources, as well as from his own direct clairvoyant and yogic researches. He also wrote over four hundred journal articles, many of which have been incorporated into an excellent (2) volume collection by theosophical students John & Elizabeth Sell of New Zealand, entitled Sharing the Light (2008). He also made himself available, when asked, to be interviewed in the print media, on radio and occasionally on television. He was broadcasting weekly on radio in Australia when the Sydney station 2GB was in theosophical hands and subject to theosophical influence. Since, in the course of his lifetime, he had made considerable progress in the practice of yoga, he found himself equipped with increasingly accurate abilities to research nature’s hidden realms. He was relatively free of the limitations of time and space and was able to leave his physical body at will and in full awareness travel super-physically anywhere in the world to investigate whatever he wished, or even back in time to investigate nature's history book - the so-called akashic record. His abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience (now termed "multi-dimensional consciousness") were eventually developed to the degree of scientific tools, equipping him to make investigations of a very significant kind, many of which will probably stand as landmarks in the history of esoteric research. Some of the main areas of his research are summarized under the section entitled, Clairvoyant Investigations.

    Whilst making himself freely available to anyone, however humble, who sought his help and advice, many professional people were also drawn to him in order to seek information which would penetrate their own disciplines in a way that they were unable to do for themselves. An interesting and refreshing feature that he adopted in interactions with everyone who sought his advice was the refusal to accept monetary gain for his services. He felt that the quid pro quo is undesirable in the Spiritual Life, because it can weaken one’s powers of perception and in extreme cases cause them to be lost completely. Such an attitude only strengthened his reputation as an impartial researcher and seeker for truth based upon moral and ethical imperatives.

     I realize how busy people are these days, so I have attempted to predigest for the reader much of Mr. Hodson's life’s work, although it must be said that his life was so rich and expansive that it is doubtful that anyone could do more than just scratch the surface. I was a privileged friend and a student of Mr. Hodson whilst he was still alive and later I was asked to author the entry on him in The Theosophical Encyclopaedia, so I probably know more about him than most people, although there are others who perhaps could expand even more in certain respects. But even if my information just sows the seed for future development, some good will have been done. And for those who are in earnest, Mr. Hodson's books, journal articles and lecture recordings can still be studied and much more detail obtained therefrom. In this revised edition of my website I have done three things: 1) I have released some items of a more personal and private nature regarding Mr. Hodson. I have done this in order that you can see how a genuine, fully qualified occultist and yogic seer, works in order to help people; 2) I have pretty well called things as I see them, I realize that this may upset some people who have different views, but, on the other hand, it seemed to me that correction in these areas was well overdue and it was necessary to clear the ground for further progress in the new millennium; and 3) I have enriched the site with several journal and book extracts, as well as graphics, one video, and three audio clips, some of which were discovered through my own 50 year membership of The Theosophical Society – the main and magnificent organization to which Mr. Hodson dedicated his life. I have also in this latest update added some documents from private papers that Mr. and Mrs. Hodson sent out to myself and other members of their inner group which comprised what they called their "family". I feel that with the passage of time these reflections should not be lost to the aspriring humanity of today, they are to be found in Appendices (item V). I previously published these on the Facebook group of Anand Ghopal: which although ostensibly dealing with the teachings of Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, were permitted, because they were coherent with and in some respects a continuation of the same sort of teachings of those two great teachers of the intermediate period of The Theosophical Society, and were therefore welcomed by Anand.

    If one should wonder why Mr. Hodson spent so much time in spreading the basic ideas of Theosophy instead of prioritising his remarkable gifts (which in any area of choice would have made him wealthy and famous) it is because theosophical knowledge when properly applied has the capacity to reduce the cycle of human suffering. Mr. Hodson knew that in a few lives of intense effort and application a human being can concertina the evolutionary cycle of spiritual evolution which would normally stretch over many earth lives. He, himself was well on his way to that goal and was enjoying the privileges and benefits that expanded consciousness gave, in order both to help others and to speed his own liberation. To offer this opportunity and potentiality to others who had not yet seen the Vision Splendid, and to help on their upward way those who already had seen it, he regarded as the greatest possible privilege that can come to a human being in terms of their life's work.

Bill Keidan

   1Some of these perennial ‘theosophical’ truths became lost or went underground during the Dark Ages (a period of approximately 600 years commencing with the murder of the brilliant woman neo-platonic philosopher Hypatia in Alexandria in 415 A.D. at the hands of an instigated Christian mob). During the Dark Ages people were intimidated against speaking of the truth that they found lest they similarly incurred the wrath of the dogmatic Christian Orthodoxy of the time. Now, however, in the freer atmosphere, both of Christianity and especially of Liberal Western Democracy, such truths can be spoken of without fear of torture, imprisonment or even death. Moreover, it also seems timely that many areas of human activity such as Religion, the Arts and Sciences as well as Education, Politics, Business and the Learned Professions could usefully apply these findings to move forward into a brighter future for Humanity. In that respect Mr. Hodson was something of a pathfinder for the shape of things to come (his great predecessor Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, having started that process, in modern times).