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Summary of the positive contributions made by Geoffrey  Hodson  as his Legacy to the Human Race:

(1) He set the highest standard for sincerity, service and dedication to noble ideals and demonstrated by his own life what they can do for an individual’s spiritual progress: First and foremost he was an example of the implications of bringing spiritual light to humanity. He had been preparing himself in many former lives as well as in this life - outwardly by way of service to others and inwardly by the practice of Yoga and Mystery School training. By showing that he could be trusted not to misuse his natural abilities for selfish ends he made himself the recipient of more advanced training by his Adeptic superiors. It was through them and the archangelic assistants who work with them, that Mr. Hodson was able to (re)awaken within himself the spiritual fire known as the Kundalini. Having a strong physical body together with a disciplined mind and stable emotions enabled him to transcend normal human vices which can otherwise prove disastrous in the awakening process. The systematic application of his Theosophical principles ensured that his progress was rapid and without side effects. Eventually, he ended up with higher powers and insights than are currently accessible to the majority of the human race – for one reason only - to enable him to serve the Great Plan of Spiritual Evolution more effectively. 

(2) He popularized Theosophy on a world-wide basis via lectures, workshops, radio programs and interviews as well as by his numerous books and journal articles: He showed that it is possible to be practically illumined whilst living in the day to day world. Although being deeply spiritual, mystical and occult (hidden) in his personal life he was not world denying, and engaged directly with the world in order to play his part in trying to see justice and humanitarian behaviour prevail, as far as he could influence them. Initially, he gave distinguished service as a British Army Officer during The First World War and later throughout his life he served in various forms of administration including youth education in the Y.M.C.A. and service of a humanitarian nature, including attempts to alleviate the suffering of the Animal Kingdom. By personal choice of the ideal of harmlessness he was a vegetarian, and became President /Founder of the Vegetarian Society in New Zealand in 1943, but recognizing that his choice was not also the choice of everyone else, he ameliorated the cruelty in the slaughter industry as best he could by his valuable and successful work in campaigning for the introduction of the humane captive-bolt killer in abattoirs in Australia and New Zealand. He reinforced previous Theosophical knowledge about the Inner Government of the World and its teachers - The Masters of the Wisdom - who accept pupils from Humanity. He did this in general terms through his lectures and normal writings and in very specific terms through The Trilogy of writings published by his wife Sandra after his death. In the latter he showed how The Masters are as active in seeking disciples today as ever they were in the past, and from his own experience they can still be reached by sincere and dedicated individuals. There is also much information locked up in his books which will be understood more fully as time progresses, so to some extent they were not only a revelation for the present, but also for the future. The evidence would seem to indicate that Mr. Hodson became a most trusted and effective mouthpieces for The Masters within their Theosophical work, and they indicated to him they regarded him as the successor in the teaching line to Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the great reformulator and restablisher of Theosophy in this modern Age.  

(3) Service to those in need: He also served in many less obvious ways, not only by making his valuable time freely available and without charge for any who needed to consult him, but in acting as an "invisible helper" a Theosophical term which means a specially trained person who gives much needed superphysical help to others, often whilst the body sleeps. This service happened all through Mr. Hodson’s life, although only a very few instances have been become known because of his retiring modesty, but they include such important matters as alleviating the heartbreak and bereavement of relatives by confirming the spiritual survival of their newly departed loved ones, removing sources of psychic attack and hauntings, and bringing superphysical help and comfort to victims of torture in isolated prisons and torture chambers. 

(4) He was an Ambassador between Humanity and the Angelic (Devic) Kingdom: He showed through his teachings and clairvoyant investigations how the Angelic Kingdom exists parallel to our own Human Kingdom. He demystified the Angels by explaining in convincing manner their appearance and their functions from the humblest nature spirit to the highest archangel, and he became a conduit for the angels’ teaching wisdom, being regarded by them as an ambassador between the two kingdoms. His comprehensive books on this topic drawn from careful clairvoyant observations, especially The Kingdom of the Gods (1952), earns him the right to be considered as the first really ‘scientific’ Natural Historian of these angelic realms, of course there were great people who preceded him such as Paracelsus in earlier times, and  contemporaries Dr. Rudolf Steiner, and Bishop C.W. Leadbeater who investigated these angelic beings, in passing. However, it was Geoffrey Hodson who was the first systematic and scientific investigator, who made numerous case-studies.  

(5) He investigated the hidden side of religion including the Mystery component: He demonstrated that the faiths that people connect themselves to have a far deeper side to them, which is efficacious, albeit often unknown by most adherents. He investigated his own faith of Liberal Catholicism, a form of Apostolic Christianity which had been ameliorated by a theosophical input. At the same time he gave the fruits of his inner research into Bible allegories and gospel stories as well as into mythology and masonic symbolism. His far visions of the life of Jesus have a beauty and vividness to them, just as his explanations of allegory and symbolism tend to ring true at a deeper level. 

(8) He conducted work with Medical Doctors and Scientists, pioneering in many respects what future seers may be called upon to do: He was not the only one to do so, other notable theosophical contributors in this field being Mrs. Phoebe Bendit (nee Payne) who worked with her husband an Oxford trained M.D. and psychiatrist Dr. Laurence Bendit in England, and also Mrs.  Dora Kunz, who did her clairvoyant medical diagnosis mostly in the USA. Mr. Hodson  made significant reseaches into the hidden cause of the disease process.  Although modern science is now starting to image the subtle energy fields referred to as the human aura, to some extent, and in certain aspects, it is still very far removed from the levels of data that can be accessed by a fully trained kundalini activated seer like Mr. Hodson, who could also research levels of consciousness of the spiritual soul (the immortal ego), which is totally beyond the current reach of modern science.

(9) He perfectly balanced the wisdom of what could be freely spoken of and what should be kept secret: In such ways during his long life he was able to retain his voice both within the Theosophical Society and the wider community, thus minimizing and deflecting problems connected with personal jealousy, power struggles, transient world views, political correctness and dogmatism. Most people do not realize the heavy burden that falls on a seer who can be targeted in many ways if he/she speaks too freely of what he/she knows. In the history of seership, there have been many cases of seers who spoke too freely being murdered or imprisoned, or if they functioned in a religious context having their voice taken away by isolation from the wider community. Mr. Hodson, obviously acting on good advice from his inner teachers, survived intact and left some of his deeper teachings as a legacy in his posthumous writings which I have referred to as The Trilogy. He also, I think, would have wanted to pay tribute to the great work and the number of spiritual aspirants whom he was privileged to reach particularly through The Theosophical Society, which also published many of his books and journal articles. This organization, despite its many vicissitudes since its inception in 1875, has played a magnificent role in bringing the perennial wisdom tradition into the world. 

10)  He solved the greatest dilemma ever to have confronted the Theosophical Society:jkrishnamurti_image.jpg He explained what had really happened over the change in direction and desertion from Theosophy and The Theosophical Society of Mr. Jiddu Krishnamurti from 1929 onwards. This defection from the World Teacher Mission, fostered within The Theosophical Society and known as The Order of the Star, appeared to have failed, accompanied by a lot of vituperation on the part of Mr. Krishnamurti. In the eyes of the world the Theosophical movement was put in a bad light and Mr. Krishnamurti was put in an heroic one for overcoming the conditioning allegedly foisted upon him in preventing him becoming his own person. As the interviewer in the first BBC interview with him said, it dealt the Theosophical Society a blow that it has never recovered from. Well, perhaps with the passage of time things are not quite as bad as all that, and The Theosophical Society has slowly regained its attraction to discriminating individuals and continues to do very good work in spreading the Wisdom Tradition throughout the world.  Mr. Krishnamurti is no longer alive to propagate his unique, self-made philosophy of a type of advaita philosophy with some humanistic trappings, along with occasional very odd and unbalanced, off-the-cuff remarks such as this prime example:

"You cannot give poison from one side and the remedy from the other; that is to say, give with one hand what I call poison - organisation, discipleship, masters; and with the other the remedy - the remedy against fear, against lack of understanding and intelligence. On the one hand you say: Religions are marvellous, necessary; and authority is necessary for spiritual growth; you say it is necessary that you should become disciples of the Masters. And then you turn and speak of Krishnamurti who is opposed to all that. One thing is a poison and the other is something that is real; I do not wish that the two things should be mixed."

From a talk given in Mexico 

This is not the place to further critique some of Mr. Krishnamurti's many inaccurate statements in regard to expansion of human consciousness and his denigration of the assistance of the Elder Brothers of Humanity in helping to bring this about. Certainly, those who have been accepted as pupils by the Masters and retain that continuity of consciousness, know how very inappropriate  and unjust such condemnation is. Because of an internal breakdown within his own consciousness, Mr. Krishnamurti  blanked out this area  as it once applied to himself. Unfortunate as this personal loss was, he  also incited others to reject the planetary training system of Discipleship and Initiation and isolate themselves from it as he had done. Despite such extremism some people whom I have spoken to, including several Theosophists, indicate that Mr. Krishnamurti had helped them, especially in psychological areas of their life when they have been at a sticking point. Others, without being fully able to explain his iconoclastic attitude and utterances, nevertheless claimed to have gained some spiritual insight by attending his talks, which they thought they would not otherwise have had. Certainly, many people throughout the world have listened to his words and still read his books, so he continues to have the perception of having been a philosopher. As for the unwise, unbalanced, and paradoxical components of his insights perhaps the Roman orator Cicero put his finger on it when he said: "There is nothing so ridiculous but some philosopher has said it."

If you are interested in following the historical perspective and contemporary opinions on this subject there is plenty of information on Govert Schuller's excellent website:, and in particular the section concerned with Krishnamurti and the World Teacher Project:

Also to be found there is my own humble offrering on the subject:

Therein I quote this statement of Mr. Hodson of what really went wrong (sown as a sleeper in one of his posthumously published books). For me it has the ring of Adeptic revelation about it, maybe even coming from The Lord Christ himself?:

"Reductions of contact with the Master may temporarily occur as a result of two procedures. One of these is interior and almost automatic; for when an Initiate falls deeply into error, indulgence, denial and scorn of the occult Path, his own Ego withdraws its radiant influence and knowledge of the Brotherhood so that the personality forgets about the illumination and upliftment it has received. The other is external and may be regarded as a surgical operation by the Brotherhood which, regretfully and generally for the remainder of that life, closes down the memory centers associated with Occultism in the mental body and even in the brain. In both cases, the psychical and magnetic interplay, which continually occurs between every faithful Initiate and his Master and the Brotherhood as a whole, automatically becomes reduced and eventually ceases. Even so, a certain stamp of princeliness remains and can on occasion be discerned. All such falls, however, are tragic for the Brotherhood and the Master concerned, who must shoulder some responsibility for failure just as He would share in the karma of success. Of course, this applies to the Initiated Ego which has found itself powerless to control the personality and maintain its conscious link with it - chiefly showing as aspiration and determination towards the heights." 

The Yogic Ascent to Spiritual Heights, G. Hodson, Manila: Stellar Books, 1991, p.191

I recently updated this website on 30th March 2013 and would like to add the following information: Over the last couple of years information has been filtering through which confirms that Mr. Hodson indeed knew a great deal more about the Krishnamurti issue than he was prepared to tell during his lifetime. For various reasons it was not judicious for him to be entirely open with his knowledge whilst he lived. But, in order to warn aspirants of the potentiality of falling off The Path it was important for him to leave a legacy on the subject to humanity. As I say the definitive statement of what happened (for me) is found in the above quotation, but additionally we have since found out from an insider (whose identity I wish to protect) who was dealing with the manuscript of Light of the Sanctuary - The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson that there were in fact several revealing critical entries made by Mr. Hodson in which he commented on Mr. Krishnamurti and there was one entry supplied to him by a Master of the Wisdom (a Mahatma) confirming that K. had indeed made a mistake. Of course that mistake was his repudiation of not following through with his primary mission of becoming the vehicle of another visitation to earth of The Lord Christ - the Teacher of Angels and of Men. These several entries were apparently withdrawn on Mr. Hodson's wishes prior to publication. Of course, this withdrawal was not because the entries were not true or in any way inaccurate, but rather because many people, including some Theosophists of high profile, had believed the iconoclastic teachings of Mr. Krishnamurti and could have been embarrassed to find such critical statements in print from such a senior Theosophical student as Mr. Hodson.

Bill Keidan


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