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An esoteric resource on the life and work of

Geoffrey Hodson

(1886 - 1983)  


Theosophical teacher, humanitarian, occultist, mystic and gnostic seer  


    Geoffrey Hodson was a spiritual light-bringer to humanity who passed through the world during our time. His full significance was overlooked by many because he refused to allow himself to be the focus of a personality cult. He thus effectively avoided in his own life the ‘guru adoration syndrome’, which has caused some erroneous ideas and self-promoting behaviours to proliferate during the course of the last half century and from many who had only a fraction of Mr. Hodson's insights and abilities. Instead, he presented a profound humility, putting himself at the service of others. His inner yogic practices and service to the world rapidly brought him under the direct inspiration and guidance of Adept and Archangelic teachers of the human race. It is these high teachers who should rightfully be regarded as the authentic basis of the “guru” archetype.


    Having observed the depths of human misery, as a British Army Officer on the Western Front during the First World War, Mr. Hodson spent the rest of his life in trying to remove the veil of ignorance and lack of love that causes war. How much did his efforts help? Readers of this site will be able to make an assessment for themselves, although some aspects of his work probably lie beyond any merely human criticism.


     I was privileged to know Mr. Hodson personally and corresponded with him over a 10 year period prior to his death in 1983. I feel that his modus operandi and achievements are worthy of being remembered long after his death, and at least until others of equal magnitude and ability rise to the surface to continue his magnificent combination of spiritual investigation and teaching, which is so appropriate to the needs of our modern scientific age.


    Certain assumptions are made in this site such as the soul’s growth through Reincarnation. Without this concept the abilities of someone like Geoffrey Hodson, who honed his skills from life to life on earth, will not be fully understood. Another theme is that we are not alone in our spiritual journey. It is suggested that there is an elaborate supervision and guidance of our human destiny by those who have successfully gone before. Mr. Hodson himself was an advanced pupil of such teachers of the human race, and by following their methods and exemplifying their attitude of service, he was at once an ambassador for them and a teacher of their highest spiritual science in his own right.


    When the first version of this website went online in Australia during 2001, I was dependent upon the services of a close friend  and software programmer Quentin Jones, in order to get it up and out into the world. Now, so many years later, and after moving to live in New Zealand, I have acquired sufficient skills to do the work myself. Before I took the original site down at the end of 2008, preparatory to departing Australia, it had received 11,460 hits. Since I put up the site in New Zealand in August 2010, I see that a further 4,983 unique hits have been registered on my Clustrmaps monitor (between 31st August 2010 and 20th March 2013).


      In these two subsequent updates version of the website. I  made a few minor textural alterations: in the Gallery I have shown some vignettes of Mr. Hodson's meeting with a great and illumined South Indian yogi called Shiva Swami, in Angelic Contacts I have added two illustrations related to Tongariro National Park - an extrordinary area of New Zealand which is the focus of activity of many kundalini devas; in Introduction I have added a very interesting diagram of Human Evolutionary Unfoldment known as "The Path" borrowed from the English Theosophical lecturer David M. Harvey, which Mr. Hodson taught about as the primary educational system of the spiritual life on our planet; and in Assessment I have added further to the measured insights made by Mr. Hodson regarding the late Indian philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, which rescues the damaging profile that Mr. Krishnamurti caused to Theosophy and The Theosophical Society, which gives some support to those who had noticed things had gone wrong but couldn't quite understand what it was. I have added in Section V of Appendices some of the private information that Mr. Hodson gave to his close friends who he called his "family". I find that much of this information can be found in his books and journal articles, but since few people have researched his work in way that I have, I see mertit in passing his ideas on in a concentrated and concise form. In Booklist and Media I have added a dowloadable link to what is shaping to be Mr. Hodson's magnum opus "Light of the Sanctuary - the Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson." One of the Masters of the Wisdom with whom he was secretly in touch during his lifetime told him that the revelations in this book would cause it to become a modern-day "Mahatma Letters". I have also made minor textural changes, removed typographical errors and  some formatting problems on the site, as well as checking that hyperlinks are still working.

     I sincerely hope that you will find some information here that wilBill_vignette update 01-10-13 copy.jpgl help you onwards on your own journey of service and self-discovery. As Theosophy teaches, this journey culminates eventually in liberation from the wheel of rebirth and release from the pain and limitations of the human condition, leading on to vistas of spiritual evolution as yet undreamed of by the majority of humanity. Above all, as you will read in the Introduction, this site is about a man and his methods who certain types of human beings will admire and may wish to emulate on their own journey to Perfection and Self-Discovery. Beyond all other helpful ideas, here at least was one man of the modern age who made a very big and positive difference to the lives of many others, simply by giving freely of his insights and spiritual service. In a way this website  is also a tribute and snapshot of a person who is approaching the end of his spiritual evolution as a human being. 


    Some of the segments of this website are heavy in graphics, video or audio clips, and may take a little time to load, especially if you do not have Broadband.


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